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Hey Everyone!  Is anyone going to get observed doing a case?  I am tentatively scheduled for January but I need to rework the chlorophyll case for NJ!  I do want to go to NABT!  Claire:  are you doing NSTA in New Orleans?  I used a case from Buffalo (no offense M and E) in AP and was observed doing it.  Went well but it isn’t as open-ended and as useful as I think these are.

Is anybody applying for next summer?  Texas in July–does it get any better?!


I really enjoyed not doing much last week.  Weather here is good and getting hotter.  More importantly, I was approved to go to Buffalo to learn about their case-based learning.  The workshop is the last weekend in September.  I am happy and surprised.  Anybody want to join me?

Here’s a link to ponder pollen with!  (It’s a month’s summary of pollen by Owen Mundy, artist.)

Miss all of you as my day starts out so quiet here in cooool Minneapolis!


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this tool for the first Plant IT Summer Institute.

This blog will serve as a communication hub for the Institute team, teachers and students. It will also be a central repository for images, podcasts, and links to finished investigative cases