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hey buddy i havent seen yall in like a week i really miss yall send me some pictures of yall on my phone

I’m out of the program but, I wanted to say one last thing.

To everyone that made this program, thank you all so very much. This experience has been one of many great things that I will never forget. My  influence on applying to A&M has been confirmed. I will be applying to this university and, hope I get in. To all the GA’s, I have much love for you. All your advice and support showed me the love and compassion that A&M is very well know for. I have a place for each and every one of you in my heart.

Hope everyone is safe and enjoys the rest of their summer.

Love, Lucero (:

im going to miss you so please give my calls every once in a while

Hope everyone had a great time this week at TAMU!!  I just wanted to post a few pictures of the students during our time with them on Wednesday morning, wish I had taken more :(.  We had a fun time with you guys, thanks for being so great!!  Hope the other teachers will share their pictures as well…







It was awesome today. It started of by learning more about the different types of fabric and how to distinguish which one is made of 100% percent cotton like they say they are. Some types of textiles we learned cotton, wool, silk, nylon, polyester. So we learned how to find out in a microscope and learn more about a case we had to read. I thought it was really cool learning about different types of fabric. Then we went to Dr. Griffin’s lab and learned more about different kinds of microscopes that are worth thousands. It was really nice; we learned how they use them and how they work on them also. The table is also really expensive. Most interesting finding out how they make their 3D pictures. We saw the E.R of the plant leave we been studying this past week using the microscope. We learned so much. I’m really sad also because tomorrow is the last day. ;( I had fun yesterday going to Red Mango. I will also miss all my new friends I met. I had a great experience coming here and learning new things.

   This was Day 4=)

The second to last day at Texas A&M is going to really sad. I’m going to miss everybody and it’s time to get digits and sent you friend requests on facebook. ONE THING THAT WOULD MAKE MY DAY BETTER TOMORROW WOULD BE DOING A GROUP HUG AND AND TAKING A PICTURE OF  AS A GROUP. I WILL MISS TOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!

Today was the second last day but i was not that much because it was hte second last day and i m gonna actually funny moments and the special people the Chris and the alesha(useless girl just kidding) going to miss them a lot. Today we went to the lab and Mr griffin told us about the laser-scanning microscope and it was so cool.

We use the different kinds of presentation too and it was so good we made the presentation too so please please watch

Does the Content of the Shipment match up

The coll thing i learned about science is that we went to see the laser scanning  microscope

I have a question about that how they made these types of microscope?

My day tomorrow will be better if we guyz can stay for i more day:(


Wow. Today was an AWESOME Day (:  I love the fact that, I got to learn more about cotton and how it’s used for clothing & other stuff. If it wasn’t for cotton WE WOULD be Naked >.< I also really liked watching the one million dollar microscope, that Dr.Griffing showed us & how it works: DD! Umm..No questions from me at the moment!! Tomorrow will be better because I get to go home (: YAY!!

Today is the last day before the last day at A&M University. I have met a lot of new, funny, crazy, fun, and interesting people on this great trip. Being around people like this is the coolest thing I have ever done in the 16 years of my life. We have made life-time connections! Don’t forget the one and only crazy Alesha! (Ha!) We have worked on our group presentations that we will present to everyone tomorrow on the last day! =[

The only question i have is if we could do this all again next year. I understand that this is the last year but maybe you all can get another grant. Thanks for everything.

I can’t believe that it’s the second to last day that we are going to be here :( I cant help but feel sad already. I’m definitely going to miss everyone here! Today we went in the morning to study more about cotton where we had the chance to experiment and see which pieces of fabrics were made out of real cotton. We used the microscopes to really get evidence to see which one wasn’t real. I would show all of you a picture of which fabric wasn’t made out of cotton but me being so smart accidently erased my own evidence to what I’m saying right now :p so after we finished with the case we went to Dr. Griffing lab were we had the chance to see the famous million dollar microscope which I have to say was pretty awesome to see because it’s not everyday you get to see a microscope like that! Dr. Griffing showed us how to work the microscope and the way that the microscope takes like 100 pictures to create a movie that clearly shows how the network works. After we came back from the lab… well now we are just blogging away :) I’ve had the best week here. I really don’t have any questions but for sure I know that my day would be better if tomorrow didn’t have to be the last day here :( I don’t want to leave…not yet!!!!