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» Please share your case resource links by commenting

Please share your case resource links by commenting

Let us know what you found that is related to the case questions you generated this morning. Thanks!

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  1. Here’s one that Toni and I found:

  2. karenl

    We found this reference library at Ohio State. Lots of cool pix!

    Fiber Reference Image LibraryThe Fiber Reference Image Library is a web-accessible image database of textile fibers created by photographing the fibers as seen through multiple … – Cached

  3. Elizabeth Torres

    Hi I found great web resources:

  4. deborahc

    Article about forensic anthropology
    Get a degree in textile science
    Nazca patterns
    Mummified warrior princess,2933,195811,00.html

  5. stawierya

    Here is a good science and FBI connection :)

  6. Akashi

    a nice website to learn about dye and fiber analysis

  7. GChung The Center for the Traditional Textiles of Cusco helps preserve Andean textiles and assist their makers in carrying on a tradition practiced for more than 2000 years. The same methods are being used.

  8. fenih

    This is a good resource website:

    Textile Analysis
    Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials

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