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After watching the Johnson and Johnson You Tube video, list three ways cotton is used in First Aid kits and why?

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  1. jordana

    Cotton is used in first-aid kits because it’s a cheap crop to produce, it’s plentiful and extremely reliable in a tight situation.

  2. joshuap

    .Cotton pads (to put pressure on a wound to keep from bleeding)

    .Band-Aids (to cover up a wound from infection)

    .Quick-and Clean cloths (to clean any harmful bacteria from your skin)

  3. khalilc

    three ways that cotton can be used is when you get hurt or habe a scare or a bruise. another way u used bandaids is in medical kits for emergencies.cotton is also used for clothing.

  4. paulh

    cotton was used to help heal wounds,stop bleeding and to help disinfect.

  5. kaitlyn paige

    1.) Cotton pads(helps your booboo form bleeding out)

    2.)Alchol pads (to clean your booboo)

    3.) And of course Band-aids (keep bacteria out of your booboo)

  6. letician

    Three ways that cotton is used in a first aid kit and why…

    As a bandage because the cotton helps to cover the cuts or any other minor injury that a person may have and it heps it stay clean and not infected.
    As adhesive tape because it helps with major injuries by not letting them get infected and it helps pressure the cut or scrape so nothing can get out or get in to keep the injury “clean”. In the video it help this man save his life when a bullet was about to hit him and the adhesive tape that he had in his pocket helped it from getting to him.
    Cotton is also use as regular cotton to help clean a cut or scrape with alcohol.

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