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» Day 4 at A&M!

Day 4 at A&M!


It was awesome today. It started of by learning more about the different types of fabric and how to distinguish which one is made of 100% percent cotton like they say they are. Some types of textiles we learned cotton, wool, silk, nylon, polyester. So we learned how to find out in a microscope and learn more about a case we had to read. I thought it was really cool learning about different types of fabric. Then we went to Dr. Griffin’s lab and learned more about different kinds of microscopes that are worth thousands. It was really nice; we learned how they use them and how they work on them also. The table is also really expensive. Most interesting finding out how they make their 3D pictures. We saw the E.R of the plant leave we been studying this past week using the microscope. We learned so much. I’m really sad also because tomorrow is the last day. ;( I had fun yesterday going to Red Mango. I will also miss all my new friends I met. I had a great experience coming here and learning new things.

   This was Day 4=)

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