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» July 15, 2008 Plant IT Dr. Biology Intro Charles Kazilek

July 15, 2008 Plant IT Dr. Biology Intro Charles Kazilek



Dr. Biology introduces the directions for posting your podcast on the Plant IT Blog.


Adding your own podcast to the My Plant IT site:

1. Go to and log in

2. Click on Write Post under the title Admin in the right column

3. Under Title add today’s date, the blog topic, and your name(s)

Then add a short description under Post.

4. Click on the circular symbol after Add media to load your podcast.

5. Click on Choose files to upload.

6. Select your podcast file from the computer.

7. Click on Insert into Post.

8. Change the status to Published in the pull down menu on the right.

9. Check your post for spacing, spelling, and accuracy cheapest cialis online uk. Edit as you wish.

10. Then click on Save.

11. Click on View this Post or Blog to see your podcast!


Adding images to your blog post


1. Select your post from the blog and click on Edit Post under Admin.

2. Click on the square symbol following Add media to upload an image.

3. Click on Choose files to upload.

4. Select the image you want from the computer.

5. Choose either Left, Center, or Right near the bottom of the page and then Insert into Post.

6. Select Save on the right side of the page.



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