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Pollen Art

Here’s a link to ponder pollen with!  (It’s a month’s summary of pollen by Owen Mundy, artist.)

Miss all of you as my day starts out so quiet here in cooool Minneapolis!


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  1. lucyc

    Hello Dearie, cool Minneapolis? How about really HOt Houston! Just finished a good week in Austin and everyone’s doing it—case studies that is! One lady is really into Forensic Case Studies with some really gory details but she takes news articles and turns them into really motivating case studies for the kids, mostly high school—-would you like to know her? She’s out of University of Mississippi and also teaches 9th grade. I learned about Microbes and case studies through the Bio Ed Online ladies. Are you interested to hear about them? Let me know. I couldn’t get the owen mundy file to open but I’ll keep trying.

    Has anyone else written to you? I’m not seeing any posts?????

    Lucy, the Chesapeake Bay Crater Lady

  2. lucyc

    Greetings from Houston, I’m find though currently in Katy with my daughter. I have no water or electricity in Houston but the house is fine. What’s going on with Bioquest? I purchased a radio with a Pod parking lot on it so I’m soon to start doing some pod cast listening to and later on recording our own as I get more equipment. Take care, Lucy

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