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In the summer of my freshman year I came to this camp at A&M called myPlantIT. My mom told me that it was mainly about biology and plants. Imyself am not so interested in plants and those types of things, not at all, but she knew I would try it, and plus it would be a new experience! When I started to read more about the camp I realized I didn’t really know much about biology and plant, and the camp sounded pretty interesting too! I thought, what the heck. When I got a letter saying I got accepted I was delighted! I spent a whole week at the camp learning about Chia seeds, DNA of a plant, and also technology!


acosta_luis_41 On one of the days we were at the camp we went to the USDA building. Here Dr. Lori Hinze showed us how they would find the DNA of plants, and what she would do in the fields to research what information they needed. Dr. Hinze even showed us how we could look at our DNA! In a disposable test tube we put our spit, soap, and alcohol; gave it a shake and there it was, our DNA! It looked like white mucus! Very gross but very cool! The field trip was very fun and I was so interested that I wanted to give Dr brand cialis online pharmacy. Hinze an interview.



In the camp there were lots of classes. One of the classes was with 3 different people; they all had totally different jobs but dealt with plants. One of the workers was Micky Eubanks. He’s an Entomology professor, but also a researcher. In the summers he goes to Argentina and researches all summer long until it’s autumn and he starts to teach again. I liked how his job allows him to travel a lot so I gave him an interview!



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