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The Magic of Curators

Texas A&M contains a special place in its facility that not only adds to its wonder but its value as well. This place is called the Cushing Library. Located in the main campus the library contains “unique and irreplaceable books and objects” guarded by the infamous curators. You may wonder what makes a book or object so precious to receive the privilege of protection from a curator. The truth is they are many ways the book can fall under the category: age, originality, editions, content, numbers of copies, etc. In fact some artifacts can date back to the B.C era; others can reach the price of a million-quartile price, various books size your height, and BAM histories are untold.


Here you can see a curator from the Cushing Library demonstrating one of the many books it holds along with the work of a student who attended Texas A&M University in the 1800’s. Curators are very special having incredible academia background and dedicating themselves to keep updated and inform people with writing about a certain collection to keep it live

A splash of color…

Do you detest having to eat green leafy texture vegetables for healthy benefits and prefer swallowing those much faster vitamin tablets? Suffer no more I’ve come to your rescue with the help of Texas A&M Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Centers. There is information about to be revealed so grab a pen and write some notes.

Texas A&M AgriLIFE RESEARCH shared with me the nutrients certain COLORS of fruit and veggie could have due to its phytochemicals. Turns out to be if you just add more color to your diet including 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies you will be obtaining all the nutrients your body needs.

Drifting away from the topic I will like to share with you more of what this department does. Have you ever tasted the onion 1015 or seen it a grocery, have any idea what its origin is? Well this onion was actually created here at a Texas A&M lab. The potential science has reached onto humans creating a veggie is incredible. Not only that but now researchers can actually decrease the chemical in onions which make u cry. Aweeesome no more running mascara for me! Talk maroon carrot!

Amazingly Interesting

Texas A&M’s greenhouse is a beautiful place full of life and knowledge. Accompanying this great place is Monique Dubrule Reed- Hebarium Botanist and Sharon Banister Technician teaching us about all kinds of plants, including those beneficial to our health. Here Monique Reed talked about the different kinds of medicinal plants they preserve in order to research and develop new medicine. Plants always benefit us even without our awareness and here we learned the uses f plants in our every day life. Such as the pepper plant which produces our pepper; so common now days while in medieval time was worth its weight in gold.

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  1. bethjudy

    This gives me a good idea of the rest of your week in College Station and the cool things I missed. ): (: Also, that I’m going to try for more colorful meals! Good work–it was fun spending time with you guys! Have a good summer. Beth Judy,

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