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» Summer Institute 2010 – Bioinformatics and plant fiber forensics

Summer Institute 2010 – Bioinformatics and plant fiber forensics

Come join us to explore teaching and learning with plant investigative cases!

PlantIT Summer Institute for Teachers will be July 12-23, 2010.

This summer we will focus on cotton to learn about bioinformatics and searching databases for genes of interest such as drought tolerance and fiber color, and further focus on fiber to discover how microscopic and chemical testing answers textile forensics.   Exploring these cases together introduces participants to investigative case-based teaching and learning, which participants then build upon by collaboratively developing and testing out case materials.

Stipends and allowances for 12 days in residence at Texas A&M University.  Space is limited to 16 high school and middle school teachers.

Apply by April 9, 2010.

We hope to see this summer!

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  1. fenih

    Good afternoon,

    Happy New Year! I just want you to know that 2009 teacher summer institute was great. I am using my case studies with my students and professionals. I did a presentation at Rice University to other teachers about the effect of global warming. It was great! My students can identify the impact of global warming. Some are increase in rainfall at some places and decrease in other place. I will like to learn more this 2010. Thanks Francisca Enih

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